Editors’ Note: Endless Summer 2020

Are you perplexed at the sheer fact that school will be back in session in less than a week? Mourning the approaching loss of that sunny daze and the carefree vibes that accompany the melting days and hot summer nights? The beginning of school may seem overwhelming during these times, but there is no need to fret!

Although you might soon find yourself grinding in your room trying to cram in mounds of new knowledge before exam after exam, the Clog is here to help you celebrate the end of summer. Read on to find tips for surviving the scorching heat wave while keeping a relaxed mindset. Ring in syllabus week with a fire playlist, spicy snacks that make your mind reel and vibrant mocktails to sip poolside while making your study guides.

That’s right, we at the Clog are ready to share with you tips and tricks for living an endless summer all semester long … it’s getting hot up in this Clog content!

Photo of Natural Bridges State Beach

Photo of spicy peppers

Photo by Anish1321 under CC BY-SA 4.0

Photo of an electric fan

Photo of spicy beef jerky

Photo by UmmiBee under CC BY-SA 4.0

Photo by the poolside

Illustration of a woman reclining on a deck chair with two mocktails in hand

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