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Berkeley High School students organize fundraiser for Black Student Union, African American studies department

Berkeley High School, or BHS, students are planning a virtual cooking class to raise funds for the school’s Black Student Union, or BSU, and African American studies department.

The cooking class event will feature MasterChef’s seventh season winner Shaun O’Neale and will take place September 7 via Zoom. All profits from the event will be made in ticket sales.

“It blends unique solutions to obstacles created by the pandemic, helps economically combat underfunded organizations within our school/community, and features a celebrity chef, one of only 10 ever, that won Gordon Ramsay’s infamous cooking competition,” said Zephyr Zoidis, associated student body, or ASB, treasurer at BHS, in an email.

Zoidis has been planning for the fundraiser throughout the summer with the school’s ...

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UC Berkeley researchers develop artificial intelligence to remove shadows from photos

Whether eating out at a restaurant or taking a hike in nature, UC Berkeley doctoral candidate Cecilia Zhang always has a camera at hand.

As a lover of visual media, Zhang noticed that individuals are becoming increasingly reliant on mobile phones to take photos and wanted to find a way to bridge the gap between casual portraits and those produced in a professional studio.

In order to fulfill this need and push casual photography forward, Zhang and researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Google and UC Berkeley have developed a way to minimize natural and facial shadows from portraits using artificial intelligence, or AI.

“After going through thousands of casual portraits in the internet, I realized there’s a large issue with lighting and shadows,” Zhang said...

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‘The Owl House’ is historic bisexual representation, but don’t be so quick to praise Disney

Disney, as many media conglomerates do, has a problem with telling diverse stories, particularly those that showcase the experiences of LGBTQ individuals. And yet, Disney’s new animated show, “The Owl House,” focuses heavily on the budding relationship between two girls, Amity and Luz — the latter of which has been confirmed to be bisexual by the show’s creator. 

While nothing as explicit as a kiss has happened between the two characters yet, the plot so far suggests an inevitable buildup of their relationship: In a prom-themed episode, for example, the characters dance together and viewers learn that Amity wanted to ask Luz to the prom, further implying her crush on her...

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Easy, healthy snacks to power you through your online semester

We’ve all heard and read the endless loop of “This is a semester like no other.” Now that we’ve made it through the first couple of days of classes, we at the Clog are slowly starting to adjust to the pattern of online classes. The main thing we’ve noticed is that we’re trading out that speed walk across campus in between classes for a lap around the house or apartment that somehow always seems to land us in the kitchen — even if we’re not at all hungry. And the times when we are hungry always seem to be exactly when we don’t have enough time to get a snack together. Because of this, we decided to compile this list of ideas for easy and healthy snacks to eat between your online classes.

For when you want something classic

There’s a reason things such as carrots and humm...

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آموزش سئو seo

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بنده ناصر رسولی هستم در این مطلب میخواهم شما را با فاکتورهای جادویی سئو آشنا کنم ، این مطلب را میتوانیم جامعترین مطلب  در زمینه راهنمای سئو بدانیم چراکه 187 فاکتور تاثیر گذار در رتبه بندی گوگل به صورت کاملاً تجربی توسط بیش از میلیون ها سایت مشاهده و ثبت شده است که شما هم اکنون در این مطلب آن را مطالعه خواهید کرد.
من به شما قول میدهم بعد از مطالعه مطلب راهنمای جامع سئو دیگر نیازی به هیچ مقاله و استادی برای یادگیری سئو نخواهید داشت...

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Unconditionally and irrevocably in love: A personal essay

My steep descent into the media I consumed in middle and early high school began humbly enough with my little brother at the start of quarantine. 

I was home from college indefinitely for the first time in three years, and the world was so suddenly disappearing from beneath our feet. We were all so desperately worried about getting sick, about how our dad would work as a contractor during the shelter-in-place order and how we would cope having been so abruptly pulled from the separate circles we had spent so long cultivating.

My brother reminisced about our shared “Supernatural” phase, a secret we’d kept guarded these long years since, even as new seasons had piled up on our Netflix lists...

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The Obon Society: The radical act of empathy

More than 75 years ago, Keiko Ziak’s grandfather disappeared into the Burmese jungles. His family learned of his death by way of a rock-filled box sent to them by the Japanese government. “If you get a rock in the box from a government and nobody comes back from conflict, you just connect the dots,” Keiko’s husband Rex Ziak explained to me. Over the next 62 years, Keiko’s family went to the grave they had built for him and stood over the contents of the little box, which they interred in place of his body. Then, one day, Keiko’s uncle received a call.

In Montreal, a collector came across something peculiar. “He sees these flags with writing on them, and he knows enough that these are not war souvenirs of the classic government-issue collectible things...

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A Prayer for the Post Office

This is a non-partisan prayer
about something as mundane as mail,
as gentle as the swish of a letter
falling to the floor by the door.

This is a prayer
for stamps and stamp collectors,
the quietest of hobbies;
for pen-pals and thank you card writers,
for grandparents who always remember your birthday,
and love letters from the war
kept at the bottom of a drawer.

This is a prayer
for the quiet dignity of the blue mailbox
standing like a sentinel on the corner,
portal to anywhere, for just the cost of a stamp.

Walking to the mailbox
down the block and around the corner
was my daughter’s first independent adventure,
the responsibility of an envelope,
addressed and ready in her small, serious hand.
Her nervous departure from the front door, alone,
and her triumphant return minutes later.
“I did it mama, I m...

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How long do embers glow? From the International Hotel to Black Lives Matter

I begin my Zoom call with Jeanette Gandionco Lazam by asking her how she’s doing. She sighs deeply and tells me that as a lifelong activist in her septuagenarian years, she is tired. I tell her that she is the perfect age to run for president. She laughs politely.

I am interviewing Lazam because I think she can help me predict the trajectory of the Black Lives Matter movement in light of another struggle on American soil, one in which she was an active organizer — the battle to save San Francisco’s International Hotel. The I-Hotel was a residential building that primarily housed retired Pilipinx immigrant workers at the border of Chinatown and Manilatown. It was home to Lazam and her father.

I found myself thinking a lot about the I-Hotel when the litany of slain Black Americans — ...

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