Warped weather: A poetic word of caution about recent Bay Area weather

To those who may be listening to the warped weather: For those of us in Berkeley, the Greater Bay Area and oth

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To those who may be listening to the warped weather:

For those of us in Berkeley, the Greater Bay Area and other places across the state of California, the weather has been sending us loud whispers. 

Not too far away, a hurricane named Laura races at a quick pace. The effects of her reach California, even blowing up this way to the Bay Area. This is more than odd; it is off. 

Having grown up here for 21 years, I have never witnessed such a warp in the weather. Something is wrong — there is an undeniable pressure.

From humid days to orange haze, from rain pourin’ to fires burnin’ here in the Bay, Mother Nature may be trying to relay some wisdom. Are you listenin’?  

We began classes just a couple of days ago, and many of us have come to resume our university-driven lives. We often move with quickness, consumed by our work and, at times, thirsty for something more. 

But the lightning strikes, and the smoke smothers. We cannot ignore the patterns of these times. Each year, the intensity of the climate of our surroundings climbs. 

The whispers of this warped weather are starting to sound like quiet screams. Here in Berkeley, things seem to have simmered down, at least for now. But there is always calm before an even greater storm. 

We must be mindful, as there may be a message from this warped weather for us to receive. Are we moving too quickly? Do we ourselves engage in things or activities that deceive?

Be excited, and look forward to the learning this year has in store for us. But please, as the Bay Area fog rolls upon us, do not forget or be blinded by a misguided lust — one that often leads us toward broken ideas of success.

Believe that things are going to be OK; just know that we do not always have the time to be in a rush. Mother Nature seems to send us that message in a growing hush.

So much is happening right now. It may be wise for us to choose to listen, to slow down, to ground. Don’t go ignoring the messages of this weather — do that, and you may end up looking like a clown. 

Take this letter as you will, but know this warped weather ain’t chill. We at the Clog really think the ways of these winds may be a moment to revere. With that, we advise you to find a path for the year that feels clear — one in which you listen to the ways and wisdom of the natural world, ya hear?

With ears tuned in to the whispers of the warped weather,

A Mother Nature-respecting Daily Clogger

Contact Gina Wright at [email protected].

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